Fruity favorite

Do you have a make up product you reach for almost every day? I've had Skinfood's Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek cream trio in heavy use ever since I got it at the beginning of this year. I know a lot of people prefer powder products, but I personally love the convenience of a nice cream blush. Plus it's a multi-function item! 

The trio is packaged in a tiny cute tin container with a sliding cover. I was really surprised at how small it really was when I first got it. It fits on the palm of my hand! Since it's a cream product, there's no risk of it exploding in your make up pouch, even if you drop it. It's tiny, sturdy and perfect for traveling. I bring it with me whenever I hit the road.

I'm not sure how well it comes across in this picture, but I've done quite a bit of damage, haha. There's definitely a good dent in each shade. I got the trio in the shade 5 Fruits Mix, which comes with three lovely pinks. The first color is a light peach, the second a cool hot pink and the third a warm apricot-ish color. I really can't decide which one is my favorite! I think I use the peachy pink the most, because of how natural it looks. The blush trio has a sweet, fruity scent to it. I don't think it's overpowering or cloying, and I it disappears pretty soon after application.

Here's a quick finger swatch of each shade. It's a sheer formula with a little bit of creamy sheen to it. It feels very light and moisturizing. I like to apply it with just the tips of my fingers and blend it out with a soft tapping motion. It's really easy to create that color-from-within kind of look with it! They work ok as lip colors too, but I do prefer them as a blush.

Here are the swatches blended out. You can definitely blend them into nothing, but I always think it's better to err on the side of caution when it comes to blush. It's harder to mess up with a sheer, bright-colored formula. All in all, it's a cute little blush trio that won't take up a lot of space in a travel pouch. It's one of my desert island products!


  1. I loooooove the photos in this post! They're so beautiful and visually interesting. Nice petrified wood, too. ;]
    I've never tried a cream blush. As you know, I'm bad at blending, so I'm always scared It's just going to end up a hot pink streak on my face. But this product looks nice and I love the tin it comes in. It looks like old timey breath mints.

  2. Thanks, babes! I tried to put some effort into the props this time (aka I dumped the contents of my jewellery/accessories box in front of the camera, haha). The tin is so cute and handy!


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