Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer by Urban Decay

I've been looking for a new face concealer, so I recently picked up the Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer by Urban Decay in the shade Fair Neutral. Why do make up companies always give their products weirdly long names?? That's 50 characters! Anyway, I've been using it for little over a week, so I decided to jot down my first impressions.

Like with most of Urban Decay's products, the packaging is very pretty. I love the metallic top, and the little vial has a nice weight to it. The outer cardboard is lovely too!

I had a bit of a rough start with this concealer. The first time I used it, I tried blending it out with my fingers and it wouldn't go on nicely. It clung to my dry patches and seemed to just sit on top of my skin without properly sinking in. With a name like "Naked Skin" I was expecting something very dewy and moisturizing. I like to wear a BB cream with a dewy finish (right now I'm using Mizon's Water Volume Moisture), and the concealer didn't really play well with it. The concealer itself has a kind of a demi-matte finish, and I find mattes don't apply well on top of anything that has a bit of a wet/glossy consistency.

Unlike traditional doe foot applicators, the one in the Urban Decay concealer is flat with a small notch in the middle, where the product concentrates.

That said, I think I actually like the concealer a lot more now that I've played around with it a bit and found an application method that works out for me. I first dab some extra moisturizer onto the driest parts of my face. I then put the concealer on my problem areas (under and around my nostrils and underneath my eyes) and blend it out with a damp Beauty Blender -knock-off before I apply my BB cream and under eye corrector. It helps even out redness and creates a nice base with a bit of a grip for my other make up. One some days it still clumps on to dryer ares, but I find it usually goes on pretty smoothly. It doesn't 100% cover my imperfections, but it does look very natural. I read some reviews online that describe this as a full-coverage concealer, but I actually think it's pretty sheer. Maybe it's just my application, though. I discovered that it really helps keep my under eye corrector (Skinfood's Salmon Dark Circle Concealer Cream) from creasing through out the day.

So, I'm okay with it so far, but I do want to see how it performs in the long run before I decide if I love it. It's kind of expensive, so I'm not sure yet if I would repurchase it after it runs out/expires. I'd have to see how it performs during the winter months, when my skin gets really dry. It does seem like a promising concealer for the summer, when it's more humid and my skin isn't totally parched! 


  1. Tämä on yksi mun suosikki primereista, mutta ekan kuukauden inhosin tätä :) Tää on sellinen tuote, joka vaan paranee käytössä!

    1. Joo, tässä oli jonkinlainen oppimiskäyrä! :D Mutta nyt kun oon löytäny itelleni sopivan levitystavan, oon alkanut pitämään siitä kovasti.


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