Ruby & Bulgarian Rose Eye Hydro Gel Eye Patch by Koelf

I wanted to try hydrating under eye patches to see if they would help me combat my dry skin. I decided to pick up the Ruby & Bulgarian Rose Hydro Gel Eye Patch made by Koelf, which is the co-brand of Petitfée. Both specialize in skincare and seem to put particular emphasis on their sheet masks and hydro gel eye patch lines. Why exactly do they promote under two labels, I have no idea. So far it seems like Koelf just has more colorful packaging? Petitfée has been around since 2007 and I've seen their products floating around here and there, but I hadn't tried anything by the sister brands before. I liked the eye patches enough to purchase them for a second time after I was done with my first container! I feel like they performed as well and have an affordable price too (I paid about 10 euros after conversion).

I love the package's design and color-scheme! The rose illustration is very pretty.

According to the brand's description, the hydro gel patches are infused with Damask rose water from Bulgaria, which they claim is high in vitamins and intensely moisturizing. Since the patches come in a twist top jar, I feel like whatever vitamins they might have will destabilize once you open it. I think they do boost my eye cream and feel nice and soothing on the skin, though! I apply them after my eye cream, while I'm waiting for my AHA/BHA to neutralize. I like to keep the container in the fridge to make the patches feel extra refreshing. Plus I'm always into adding more steps to my skincare routine, haha. It's just something to do, isn't it?

One container has 60 pieces for 30 uses, and its shelf life is two months after opening. They've also included a little spatula that you can use to fish out the little hydro gel sheets. I dropped the last one I had in the sink, so I'm sure it's only a matter of time until I need to throw this one away too. The patches themselves are shaped like a comma (or the Taeguk, as Koelf puts it). I sometimes have trouble placing them on so they don't poke me in the inner corner of my eye, because the curve is kind of tight. Once I get them on correctly, they do stay put pretty well until I peel them off. 

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the packaging! The container is made out of plastic, but it doesn't feel too cheap and it has a nice heft to it. The top screws in pretty tightly, too. The biggest downside is the amount of waste you generate while using this product. One container lasts for a month and the patches have to be discarded after use. I always feel a bit bad about using sheet masks, so I probably won't be continuously repurchasing this item, although I did get a second one. I think I'll lay off them after I've used all the patches up, at least until the winter.

All in all, I think the patches are pretty good! I doubt they'll drastically improve the skin under my eyes, but I enjoy the calming effect and the extra layer of occlusion for my eye cream. I feel like they do help when my skin is feeling tired. They are a nice and affordable way to pamper yourself during your usual skin care routine. But because of their disposable nature, I'm only going to purchase them occasionally.


  1. Your pictures are so pretty, girl! Maybe you could hold on to the container to keep something little in, like hair clips or erasers or...? Just so it wouldn't feel so wasteful. I'm so interested in how you layer your skincare. My routine is so cut and dried, but I like to hear about the different steps in yours.

    1. Thank you, babes! I just take them with my phone's camera, haha. Maybe I should do a post about my skin care routine some time.


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