3 x Mizon: Two favorites and a new friend

Mizon's Multi Function Formula Snail Wrinkle Care Sleeping Pack and Snail Recovery Gel Cream are cult favorites, and I'm a huge fan of them too. I've been using both for about two years and I always repurchase when I run out. I recently also picked up the Deep Sea Marine Collagen Ampoule, because I'm addicted to moisturizing products. Honestly, I'm like Lady Cassandra from that one Doctor Who episode, haha.

I've added the ampoule to my evening routine, where I use it after I've allowed my enzyme exfoliator to neutralize. According to the box, it consists of 72% of marine collagen solution. The ingredients also include Japanese white birch juice and Trehalose. Birch juice supposedly has 11 nourishing amino acids, sugars and minerals, while Trehalose, a sugar found in plants and fungi, is a low molecular weight humectant that also has some antioxidant properties. Another ingredient that caught my eye in the index is Bamboo sap extract, which is used as an emollient.

The consistency is super light and watery. My skin absorbs it pretty quickly and it feels very refreshing and soothing. I'm not sure if it's enough to satisfy my moisturizing needs on its own, but it seems to be working really well combined with the Snail Recovery Gel Cream. It doesn't have a scent, which is a huge plus for me. I've really enjoyed using it so far, and I'm interested to see if it'll produce any positive effects in the long run. So far it seems like a good product for it's price, which was less than ten Euros! I highly recommend anyone looking for a light moisturizing serum to check this one out.

The Snail Recovery Gel Cream is another product with a nice light weight formula. I'm all about that snail mucin! I feel like my skin has really become more balanced since I started using it. 

The sleeping pack is like the king of all snail goo products for me. The consistency is really thick, sticky and stringy. It's weird and down right fascinating. This is the first sleeping pack I ever tried, and there's no going back for me. I tried using one by a different label once, and I hated it. I had to go straight back to this baby. I love applying it because of the funny texture, and it really seals in all the moisture. My skin feels so supple when I wake up! 

I really love Mizon as a brand. They make quality items for really affordable prices. Have you tried any of their products?

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