Etude House Dear Darling Soda Tint

I'd been wanting to get some nice brightly colored but sheer lip products for this spring/summer. I'm not at all a fan of the the dark matte lip trend - at least for myself. My lips are pretty asymmetrical and get chapped easily, plus I'm just too lazy to put much effort into the application. I just want something cute and glossy that I can throw on in the morning! I was thinking about buying one of the Tarte's tinted lip balms because the bullets they come in are so pretty. In the end the price made me back away, though. Instead, I decided to get one of the oil tints in Etude House's limited edition Wonder Fun Park collection.

The collection has ten really fun and bubbly shades to pick from! I got the shade PK001 Sparkling Grapefruit Soda, which is a very bright pinky red with a cool undertone. Or maybe you'd call this color a reddish pink? I don't think it's a true red or a true pink. In any case, it's hella pretty and it has a glossy finish. 

Etude House's oil tint formula is closer to a lip gloss than a traditional lip tint. You can apply it very opaquely or smudge it along your lips for a more sheer tint. I like to apply a sheer layer first, then blot to remove the excess and finally stipple in an opaque layer on the center of my lips for a glossy gradient look. The tapered applicator comes in handy, because it allows you to put it on very precisely. The tint will definitely wear off when you eat or drink. I don't mind reapplying, and the product does stain, so your lips won't be left looking completely naked. The formula feels very comfortable and moisturizing, though my lips do get a little bit dry at the end of the day. But that's something that happens with or without the lip tint if I don't apply lip balm at all.

I've really been loving this lip tint! I've worn it almost every day ever since I received it. It's such a nice low-effort product, which is perfect for me, haha. I even ended up ordering another color, but it hasn't arrived yet. I definitely recommend this collection to anyone looking for an affordable, cute and bright lip color. 


  1. I might try this! The packaging is so cute, and you know I love the idea of a lip tint. I have a Sephora-brand lip tint but I don't like the round applicator. This look much easier to use.

    1. The pointy applicator is definitely easier to use! The permanent line has a lot of beautiful reds. You should check them out!


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